Optional college interviews: Should you do it?

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Some schools require an interview for every applicant, but not every college has the funds or resources to do this. If it's optional, you might be left wondering, is it worth my time? The simple answer is: yes.


Here are some reasons you might want to schedule an interview:

  • You're a really outgoing person and can easily charm people
  • You have low grades or test scores and want to do anything to improve your chances of getting in
  • You have a lot of specific questions about the school and would prefer to talk to them in person
  • You have a special case you want to talk to them about
  • You are really excited about the school and want to try to set yourself apart from other applicants


Most of the time, having an interview will only help you - especially if it's optional. You're going above and beyond what other applicants are doing. Interviews give admissions the chance to see your personality and it will bring your application to life.


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Sometimes having an interview that you don't need could hurt your chance of admissions if you're particularly shy or unprepared. Also note that if you request an interview, you might need to travel to the school. If you don't have enough funds to do this, ask if you can have a phone conversation instead.


If you do want to schedule an interview, contact the admissions office. College websites usually have a "prospective students" portion of their site, where they should have information on how to contact admissions. Either call or email them for more information.


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