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After checking out the articles on this website, you may still be looking for additional resources to help you get into college or to succeed in college once you're in. We've hand-picked each of the resources on these lists. We haven't gotten a chance to read all of them, but we've tried to select ones that have high ratings or contain in-depth guides on subjects we don't have much experience in.


Right now we only have featured books that can be found on Amazon. Though Amazon has a wide range of resources, we'll be looking for resources elesewhere as well. You can also probably find a lot of these books at your local library.


Resources for high school students:


Succeeding in high school



Test prep


ACT study guides


SAT study guides


SAT II study guides


Math prep for the SAT and ACT


Vocab prep for the SAT and ACT



Applying to college:


General college admissions guides


Finding colleges that are right for you


College guides for students of color


College guides for students with learning disabilities


College guides for home-schooled students


Guides for getting into Ivy Leagues and other top colleges


Resources for parents of college-bound children


Writing the college admissions essay



Paying for college:


General guides to help you pay for college


Navigating financial aid


Scholarship resources



Succeeding in college:


General guides for succeeding in college


College guides for students of color


Succeeding in college with learning disabilities


Guides for Christian students


Choosing a major


College study skills



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