9 ways to deal with being homesick

group of friendsWhether you are moving across town or across the country, you may experience homesickness your first few weeks at college. Living away from home will be a completely new experience, but it'll be worth it. Here are some ways to deal with homesickness:


Don't be afraid to miss home. It's natural to miss what's familiar to you. Recognize that it's a normal feeling to have and don't be afraid to acknowledge it. Remember that thousands of students every year leave their families to come to college to start a new chapter in their life. You're not alone!


Let your feelings out. Whether this means talking to an RA or counselor, writing your feelings down, or hitting the gym, find out what activity helps you feel better.


Decorate your room. Bring pictures and things from your room at home to decorate your dorm room. Surrounding yourself with familiar things will make you feel more at home.


Limit time alone. Keeping busy will leave you less time to miss home.


Be social. At orientation, you might meet some people that you can hang out with at least for the first couple of weeks. Everyone is usually pretty friendly at the beginning, so take advantage of that and get to know as many people you can in those first weeks.

At the beginning of the semester a lot of clubs and activities will be starting up, so find some that interest you and check them out. This is also another place to meet people.


Do your favorite activities with your new friends. Whether you love watching movies or playing basketball, invite the new people you meet to do something you love.


Videochat. If you can actually see your friends and family at home, it will feel more like hanging out than just talking on the phone. Skype and Gchat are two free videochat programs you can use. Remember, both you and the person you're talking to will need to get a webcam.


Limit phone time. It's ok to keep in contact, but make sure you're spending your college time at college. If you're spending too much time on the phone, you could be missing out on opportunities to meet new people.


Stay at school on the weekends. If you live fairly close to home, it may be tempting to go back whenever you have the chance. Try not to go home more than once or twice per semester. If you're not around during this socializing time, it could make it hard to make or keep friends.

Realize that it will take time to get to know people and to get comfortable in your new environment. It's important to find what works for you and to immerse yourself in your new environment.


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